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Need to fit two lives into a life insurance policy? Just as the SUV offers more room for family comfort, Survivorship Universal Life Insurance (SUL), also known as “second to die” life insurance, provides longer-term family life insurance protection. Based on the lives of two people, usually spouses, SUL death benefits are paid at the death of the second insured, which allows for heirs to meet estate tax and other obligations so long as they are properly structured. (In addition to helping with estate planning needs, SUL also offers numerous business planning uses.)

Whether your goal is to leave an inheritance, protect your business, or provide a lasting benefit to a charity, Best Insurance USA can help.

Survivorship Universal Life insurance is a "survivorship" policy. It covers two people, usually spouses, under one policy, but provides a benefit only after the second person passes away, which is typically when estate settlement matters arise. It can be an important part of your estate plan.


A Survivorship life insurance policy can be the right choice if you want to:

  • Leave an inheritance for your heirs, a charity or a university

  • Make it easier to control how your estate is distributed

  • Maintain coverage for both insureds' entire lives, even well beyond age 100

Keep in mind that Survivorship Universal Life insurance generally covers two people at a cost lower than covering two people with two individual policies.

Things to consider about Survivorship Life Insurance:

  • A benefit is paid only at the death of the second insured person, not the first

  • Its primary purpose is to help you and another person plan your legacy

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