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The open road – what a feeling to be in your RV cruising down the highway. But what if something goes wrong; are you properly protected?

Your RV is different than a car, and therefore needs specialized coverage. It's your home away from home, packed with amenities and your valuable possessions.

There are many different situations you might encounter in your RV — situations generally not covered under a car insurance policy –– for example:

  • Clothes, camping equipment, and personal valuables are lost or stolen from your RV

  • Someone is hurt in or near your RV

  • Your RV is damaged on the road, and you need a place to stay and a way to get there


When you insure your RV with its own unique policy, you can select a wide range of coverages designed to address these situations and more.

The following types of coverages are included in a RV policy which are not generally covered under a regular automobile policy:

  • Emergency expense

  • Full-timers package

  • Personal effect replacement

  • Roadside assistance

  • Total loss recovery/agreed value

  • Vacation liability


Contact us for more information about specialized insurance protection for your RV.

Off Road Vehicles

Off road vehicles are fun, but they inherently are more dangerous than driving on a road. That is why it is important to ensure you have the right protection to protect you, your off road vehicle, and the property of others. Whether you are an occasional ATV rider, an avid rider, or use your off road vehicle in your job, we have the right program to protect you.

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