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Having a benefits plan in place can be a key ingredient for attracting and retaining top quality employees.  We have a broad spectrum of products including:

Group Health
Group Life
Group Accident
Group Dental

Group Accident Insurance

Group accident insurance pays benefits to employees after a covered accident.  This can provide funds just when they are most needed.

Highlights include:

·There are many different events that can trigger the start of benefits, for example: fractures, dislocations, hospital admission, physical therapy, and much more.

·Benefits can be used to help pay for hospital services and stays, ambulance services, and physical therapy.

·Accidental-death and -dismemberment coverage may also be available.

·Sickness and catastrophic accident riders are also available.

·In some cases the coverage can be portable meaning employees can retain coverage at the same rate if their employment status changes.

Group Dental Insurance

When it comes to Florida Group Dental Insurance, Best Insurance USA is the right place to come to.  We have many different programs for employers to choose from.  We will take the time to fully understand both your needs and your objectives. Then we will provide you with options from the many different programs offered by the various insurance companies we represent.

We can design a plan that will cover many different things including major dental work and orthodontic coverage.

Group Disability Insurance

Offering group disability insurance coverage for your employees affords them with peace of mind.  It can provide money just at the time it is most needed.  No other financial product provides this type of unique benefit.

Having group disability insurance can help you retain your employees while acting as a recruiting tool.

If you currently provide this valuable protection and would like to know about options, or if your business does not provide this benefit and would like to consider it, let us know.  We will take the time to explain the different programs we offer from top rated insurance companies.


Group Health Insurance
We are experts when it comes to navigating the different Florida Group Health Insurance options employers provide to their employees.  While providing insurance to your employees can be a significant expense, it also provides tremendous benefits in employee satisfaction and retention while acting as a valuable recruiting tool.

We will shop the insurance marketplace to ensure you are receiving both the best rates and the best coverage.

Group Life Insurance

Many companies offer group life insurance to their employees as an additional employee benefit.

Because this is a group program, it offers many benefits and can help provide for the financial security of the loved ones of your employees in the event of a premature death.  The proceeds can:

  • Help pay for final expenses

  • Provide an ongoing source of income

  • Help pay off a mortgage

  • Pay charitable bequests.

  • Help pay federal and state death taxes

  • Help fund retirement

Contact Best Insurance today to discuss which Group Insurance Policy options are right for your business.

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