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The needs of condo/townhouse owners for insurance are different than for single family homes. While there are some similarities, condos and townhouse owners have different and unique needs.


The condo or townhome association will have a “master policy” that generally protects the collective owners from liability.  Your association dues help to pay for this insurance coverage.  However, the contents of your unit and the liability for your unit are solely your responsibility.

We understand the market for condominium owners and specialize in helping our clients with this type of coverage.  There are a number of different ways your association may be set up; that is why it is important for us to fully understand both the coverage provided by the association and your personal situation.  We are able to provide coverage for owners in the following types of communities:

Planned Community
Homeowners Association

Call Best Insurance USA toll free at (800) 490-0971 today to find out which options are right for you.

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